iPod Access Photo

iPod Access Photo 1.7.1

Transfer photos from your iPod to your Mac

iPod Access Photo will allow you to transfer photos from your iPod onto your Mac. View full description


  • Works with all iPods, iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Shows preview and albums
  • Override photo names
  • Reads iPod thumbnail files


  • Jpeg save quality slide bar a bit imprecise

Very good

iPod Access Photo will allow you to transfer photos from your iPod onto your Mac.

Whatever type of iPod you might be using, whether it be Classic, Video, Nano or Touch, the application will handle it. The latest version even works with the iPhone. iPod Access Photo reads the ithmb thumbnail files stored on your iPod making it much easier to browse through pictures and select the ones you want.

You can browse photos by albums and the application includes a preview window for you to check your snaps. iPod Access Photo lets you transfer photos one by one or you can simply check all the pictures you want and batch import them at once. iPod Access Photo also thankfully allows you to override photo names and set the ones you want.

The only downside is probably the jpeg save quality slide bar found in preferences. This tool feels a bit imprecise to work properly. However, most of the times, you probably will prefer not to touch the quality of your photos.

iPod Access Photo is a very useful tool to browse through photos on your iPod or iPhone and transfer them to your Mac.

Need to get photos off your iPod and back onto your Mac? If so you have probably realized that the iPod stores photos in ithmb files. These files contain all the photo data for your iPod to display but can not be read by regular photo programs. iPod Access Photo solves this problem by allowing you to select individual photos and albums to be moved back onto your computer or an external hard drive.

iPod Access Photo is the perfect companion to iPod Access. With both programs installed on your computer you have complete control over all the media on your iPod that is important to you.

iPod Access Photo


iPod Access Photo 1.7.1

User reviews about iPod Access Photo

  • revier88

    by revier88

    "does not work"

    it shows my ipod name and then it says no photo database found on the ipod, but it has 1800 fotos. this is review for ve... More.

    reviewed on December 14, 2011